For investors

We make your investment one of the most desirable properties of the future.

Open one of the key routes to buyers of new construction. Allow us to make your investment one of the most desirable properties of the future.

Your project, our challenge

Excellent knowledge of the real estate market and many years of experience build Stoja's reputation and place us at the very top when it comes to choosing a broker for the sale of new construction projects. We cooperate with investors already in the planning and implementation phase of the project and, of course, intervene in the sale in accordance with the set plan. The expertise we bring to the project will help you achieve a higher standard and, consequently, a faster real estate sale.

How can we help you?

  • Market Analysis
    The real estate market is a vibrant organism. We regularly monitor and actively participate in its developments, allowing us to advise you on how to present your project on the market from its inception.
  • Added Value
    We present your project in an engaging way, making it even more attractive and desirable. This ensures sales with a higher added value, resulting in greater investment profitability.
  • Consultation and Support
    We are always available to provide advice in legal, market, land, and architectural matters. We swiftly and reliably seek solutions tailored to your project.
  • Stoja Quality Seal
    The high reputation associated with the Stoja brand is transferred to new properties through our involvement in your investment. Based on this reputation, the value of the property also increases.
  • Understanding Buyers
    As we are in contact with real estate buyers every day, we have a deep understanding of current market trends and needs. We advise you on how to design and execute a project that will be attractive to buyers.
  • Documentation
    We handle all the necessary documentation for you and manage the entire bureaucratic aspect of real estate sales, including legal support.
  • Fast Sales
    We present your project to an extensive database of potential real estate buyers. We also assist you with targeted advertising and recommendations that carry the reputation of the Stoja brand.
  • Interior Design Consultation
    Insight into trends, functional layout, and optimal

Find a buyer in our buyer database

We may already have a buyer for your property. Browse our customer database to see what is currently being sought for purchase.