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We offer an excellent concierge service. For you, we summarize a wide range of offers by destination and in the facility. This offer is specially adapted to the needs of each individual. We help you organize trips, transportation and restaurant reservations. In addition, we advise you on the various services available at the destination.

The facility has a laundry room in the basement, and we also offer dry cleaning and laundry services.


On the ground floor of the building is bar, a bar with excellent specialty coffee, premium craft cocktails and the option of breakfast. In addition to bar, there is a convenient fitness center where you can take care of a healthy everyday life, and on the roof there is a swimming pool with a superb view, where you can relax after a long working day.



Only a few minutes' walk from the center of Ljubljana.



Check out the various options for short-term as well as medium-term rentals in the building.

Zoran Đukić, Direktor


Check the offer of apartments and business units.

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