Ljubljana city, Šiška, Koseze

Pod hribom

Projekt Pod hribom se bo gradil na eni izmed najbolj zaželeni lokaciji v Ljubljani.
The project Pod hribom will be built in one of the most desirable locations in Ljubljana.

About the project

At the foot of Rožnik, you will have a unique opportunity to buy a property in an exclusive new neighborhood in Šiška - Pod hribom. This large-scale project is expected to include seven multi-apartment buildings that will be surrounded by nature. According to customers, it is one of the best and most desirable projects in Ljubljana.


The project is located in one of the most desirable areas in Ljubljana, in Koseze. Opposite the settlement of Mostec, the project will be built in the area of the current office building of the former Energoplan, Pod hribom 55.


The Pod hribom project is expected to contain 111 apartments of various sizes, from approximately 58 to 133 square meters of net area. All apartments will have a loggia, atrium or terrace. In the attached catalog you can look at informative floor plans.

Basic information about the project

Estimated price: approx. 5,000-6,000€/m2 of net surface area plus appurtenances

Estimated size: approx. 58 - 133 m2 net

*We are currently informing potential customers about the project. Official sale and purchase will be possible when the investor obtains the general conditions of sale, i.e. when the legal conditions for concluding sales contracts in the sense of Article 5 of the ZVKSES are met, therefore the prices of individual apartments have not yet been published. All descriptions and visualizations are informative. The investor and related companies have the right to discretion in purchasing and reservations.

Zoran Đukić, Direktor