For sale Listing: House

  • size m²4,424.00
  • land size m²1,114.00
  • floorground floor
  • built1850
  • codePH22892JD
We are selling an older house with an outbuilding, suitable for demolition. The plot measures 4,424 m2, of which 1,114 m2 is buildable, and the rest is the best agricultural land. The plot is flat and in a beautiful quiet location, access is arranged. Staying in nature and peace is guaranteed! You are invited to view and purchase. There is a school nearby. Condition of purchase, the owner requires the buyer to pay real estate transfer tax; 2% Dpn, from the contract price.
  • size m²960.00
  • floorground floor + first floor + attic
  • built1975
  • codePH25755NMR
House in Ribne, in need of complete renovation in a beautiful location and spacious plot. The house comprises ground floor - garage, technical rooms, boiler room (firewood heating - option to use natural gas), floor - 3-room apartment, partial attic - 4-room apartment and unfinished upper attic. Next to the house there is an arranged canopy. The house has a beautiful open view of the Kamnik Savin Alps. The Client\'s condition is that the buyer pays 2% of the real estate sales tax (DPN) from the final agreed sale price.
  • size m²810.00
  • land size m²9,729.00
  • floorbasement
  • built1995
  • codePH05976ND
Comfortably designed, maintained and exquisite house is located in an idyllic location surrounded by greenery. It stands in a landscaped village house, in a good location with fast access to the fast road. It has an extremely large and beautifully maintained garden. The house has 4 floors, except the mansard floor, all the rest are connected with a built-in internal lift. Spacious design: it has an extremely spacious living room with a dining room and a lounge measuring 130m2, a separate kitchen, a dressing room and the first bathroom. the house has only 6 spacious bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 toilets, relax room with jacuzzi for 6 people, social room, library, elevator, utility and garage. For more information, please call. The house ...
  • size m²768.00
  • land size m²363.00
  • floorground floor + first floor + second floor + attic
  • built1841
  • renovated2020
  • codePH23060ND
We are selling an old-town business and residential house on the edge of the historic part of Ljubljana-Center, which needs finalization and represents an extremely interesting investment opportunity. The building has been partially renovated - the exterior of the house has been renovated, the windows, all installations and the roofing have been renovated. The house is multi-storey and has 15 individual parts, most of the residential units are 3 business premises ranging in size from 30m2- 60m2. The interior of the house with floors P + 1 + 2 + M can be converted into a beautiful diverse hostel or apartment building. Behind the building is a proprietary intimate atrium. There are no private parking spaces, the possibility of ...
  • size m²732.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor
  • built1997
  • codePH23444RL
For sale a very well-maintained restaurant and residential complex in operation with a large number of parking spaces (approx. 50) and a spacious building plot (5,949 m2 in total), which offers many opportunities for further development. In terms of connections and heating, the residential part is completely separated from the restaurant part and has its own entrance and is connected to the restaurant part via the basement. The layout of the premises in the residential part (244 m2) comprises three floors, of which a workshop space, a city gas boiler room, a laundry room and a storage room are located in the basement. On the ground floor there is an anteroom, a large two-level living room area with a fireplace, a dining ...
  • size m²700.00
  • land size m²577.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor + second floor + attic
  • built1923
  • renovated1997
  • codePH03759EC
We are selling a villa in a quiet location, in the immediate vicinity of Tivoli Park, and only a 15-minute walk from Tromostovje. The location is suitable for quiet stays and very interesting for short-term rentals through Airbnb or The seller was quite successful in renting out apartments even during the Covid situation, so we invite buyers who are looking for an investment opportunity, as the villa has great potential. We can present all the details of the business to a serious buyer. The villa was built in 1940, later an extension was made, and in 2020 the larger part was renovated into 4 apartments. All residential units (apartments) are completely renovated (installations, floor coverings, high-quality ...
  • size m²679.00
  • land size m²696.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor + second floor
  • built2008
  • codePH01269EC
I am selling a villa in the heart of Rožna dolina, in the part where new villas are being built or old ones are being renovated. The villa was built for the current owner. The villa is a newer modern construction, despite the appearance of a classic villa, built anti-seismic with a reinforced concrete structure, with a staircase in the corner of the villa and an elevator. It has four floors (half basement, high ground floor, first floor and terrace floor). In the basement there is space for 5 to 6 cars, the other floors are arranged so that they can adapt to the new user. Due to the well-located staircase and elevator, the veil can also be divided into several residential units. In front of the house is a large ...
  • size m²677.00
  • land size m²3,432.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + attic
  • built2002
  • codePH25597NMR
Selling a luxurious and spacious house with a small utility building, in total size 677.90 m2, with beautiful open views of the nearby surroundings of Gorenjska. The house has good access to AC and is located in close proximity to nature. The house is currently a single-family house, with floor plan dimensions of 19.70 m x 13.68 m and comprises: basement part (size 173.79 m2) - technical part of the house with storerooms, laundry room, fitness room, sewing room, room with bathroom, boiler room (heat pump and firewood), ... On the ground floor (170.63 m2) there is a large open living room with a fireplace and a winter garden (SW facing) and an exit to the terrace and green area, a bedroom, a dressing room, a living room ...
  • size m²619.00
  • land size m²763.00
  • floorground floor
  • built1921
  • renovated1992
  • codePH22142ND
The spacious house adapted for medical activities with a use permit is located in an attractive location, about 1.5 km from the center and in the immediate vicinity of Tivoli Park. The house has 3 floors and has a very varied floor plan, parking space for 6 cars. Spatial design: several office rooms, an apartment on the top floor, exercise room, gym, indoor cafe and dining room, massage area with sauna. Suitable for various office activities (gynecology, plastic surgery, in short, all outpatient activities). All infrastructure is in the immediate vicinity. You are invited to visit. The seller\'s condition for the sale: The purchaser pays The Real Estate Transfer Tax, which amounts to 2 % of the sales price
  • size m²580.00
  • land size m²1,400.00
  • built1900
  • codePH25085ZP
In Lokovec, 13 km from Nova Gorica, we are selling a building of approximately 580m2 and a plot of land of 1,400m2. The building is communally arranged, the ground floor is built up. The building is intended as a detached house, or for tourist purposes (bar, wellness...). He has a building permit and a project plan. The building has a house number. Worth seeing! The condition of the client is that the buyer accepts the payment of real estate transfer tax (DPN) in the amount of 2% of the final agreed sale price.
  • size m²556.90
  • land size m²1,424.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor + attic
  • built1930
  • renovated2015
  • codePH24976RL
For sale a larger house (373.6 m2) with ancillary facilities (118.5 m2 and 64.8 m2) in an exclusive location, currently serving as a hostel with 10 rooms, 8 studios and 33 parking spaces, all rented out. The layout of the house includes a basement with a wellness area with two saunas (Turkish and Finnish), a technical room, a pantry and a kitchen. On the upper ground floor there is a bathroom and 4 bedrooms, on the first floor there is a bathroom and 3 bedrooms, as well as in the attic. In the back side of the house are located two additional auxiliary complexes (larger of year 1930, smaller of year 2000) with a total of 8 studios, which are also rented out. In front of the house there is a large parking lot for approx. ...
  • size m²482.70
  • built2000
  • codePH26555SD
For rent a big house in Bežigrad, fully custom-made furniture, usable area 247 m2, basement 183 m2, garage 42.5 m2. The house was built in 2000, a plot measuring 799 m2. The house consists of the following rooms on the ground floor are two separate parts: 2 bedrooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and 3 bedroom apartments with kitchen and living room, bedroom, office, utility, toilet. The house has a garden partially covered with tenda against sun. In front of the entrance is a small terrace and covered parking for 3 cars. In the basement there is a social room with living room with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, utility, 2 pantries, technical room. It is located near the Danilo Kumar Primary School. Available by ...
  • size m²460.00
  • land size m²1,072.00
  • floorground floor + first floor + attic
  • built2002
  • codePH19773ND
The luxurious, beautifully designed villa is located in a green lane. Detached houses, surrounded on three sides by an undeveloped forest and meadow. The recognized stonemasonry surrounded the villa with high stone pillars next to the living quarters and at the main entrance with a glass canopy. Also all the portals of windows, doors, gable houses and all the supporting columns of the outside forged fence. In addition to the main entrance, the villa has a separate service entrance and is therefore suitable for owners with service personnel and embassies. Spatial design; The ground floor has a wide entrance hall, a large living room with a library and a dining room and stone pillars next to the gallery, a separate kitchen with a ...
  • size m²450.00
  • land size m²2,400.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor
  • built1976
  • renovated2003
  • codePH26454NMR
A spacious two-apartment house in Preddvor with a large plot of land. Each floor 150m2. The house comprises: Basement: toilet, laundry room, boiler-oil (remote heating-biomass) and firewood for the pottery stove, farm room, garage, storeroom; Ground floor: hallway with hall and exit to a beautiful terrace (south orientation), kitchen, living room, bathroom, three bedrooms; Floor: The independent apartment is located on the first floor and consists of two parts: the left part and the right part. The right part includes a large dining room with a balcony, a small kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The left part comprises a completely independent unit (without kitchen): living room, bedroom, balcony, bathroom without ...
  • size m²440.00
  • land size m²2,500.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor + second floor
  • built1955
  • renovated2021
  • codePH24260JD
In a great location near Domžale, we are selling the house of architect Jože Plečnik. It is surrounded by a large plot with a great view. The house is under renovation, all plans are ready. It consists of 4 floors. A great opportunity for demanding customers who can arrange the interior of the house according to their wishes! The owner\'s condition for the purchase is that the buyer pays 2% dpn. (real estate transfer tax).
  • size m²426.00
  • land size m²636.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor + attic
  • built1964
  • renovated1988
  • codePH22487EC
We are selling a bourgeois residential villa with the potential for physical conversion into 4 large apartments. It is located in a good and urban location with all the infrastructure. In the ad you can see the plans that the sellers have prepared for their use, but the life situation has changed and now they do not want to renovate the house. The house is in original condition and needs to be renovated. Floors of the house: - Low ground floor: 89,10m2 - High ground floor: 81.13 m2 - First floor: 87.16 m2 - Attic: 73.18 m2 - Garage: 31.7 m2 - Workshop: 63.89 m2 TOTAL: 426.3 m2 House construction: The foundations are concrete, strip. The load-bearing perimeter walls are brick. The ceiling constructions ...
  • size m²420.60
  • land size m²1,206.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor
  • built1955
  • renovated2019
  • codePH14315RL
For sale a larger property near the center of Medvode and with easy access to Ljubljana. The subject of sale includes a large plot with a detached house (274,1 m2), which contains as many as 7 rooms and an auxiliary building (146,5 m2), which adheres to the main part of the house and includes a small workshop and two separate apartments (one 3-room and one 2-room). Both buildings are currently heated with new pellet stoves and they also have the option of heating with wood or fuel oil. The windows, electrical installations, radiators and roof were partially replaced on the buildings. The plot is fully fenced and offers enough space for pets. It has a beautiful views of the Kamnik Alps and the Dolomites. In the immediate ...
  • size m²414.00
  • land size m²1,363.00
  • floorground floor + first floor
  • built1961
  • codePH26020ND
THE SUBJECT OF SALE IS AN APARTMENT HOUSE AND AN OUTBUILDING IN MEASUREMENT OF 160m2. The house has been partially renovated, has three floors and a spacious plot. The floor plan of the house allows it to be divided into two or even three smaller residential units, so it can be a good investment in the case of renting out rooms or an apartment. The outbuilding can be used for convenient storage, workshop or other activities. the plot allows parking for a large number of personal vehicles. The property is located in a neat, quiet and green area. all basic infrastructure is about a 5-minute drive in the direction of Vrhnika. Suitable for investment or for own needs in combination with a workshop. You are welcome to visit. The ...
  • size m²400.00
  • land size m²649.00
  • floorground floor + first floor
  • built2005
  • renovated2019
  • codePH22865RL
We are selling a spacious 3-apartment house with three separate entrances, on a sunny plot in a well-kept neighborhood of houses on Ježica, near the promenade along the Sava and two international schools. The house has 3 floors. In the basement there is a bright apartment measuring approx. 80 m2 with a private bathroom, a very nicely arranged outdoor green room - terrace (walls surrounded by climbing plants) measuring 16 m2, direct access to the fitness/sauna/salt room with its own shower (approx. 25 m2), a heating room and a special room which currently serves as a small office (approx. 15-18 m2).   The basement used to be an office, so there is also all the infrastructure for quickly arranging the basement space for office ...
  • size m²386.40
  • land size m²1,660.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor
  • built2014
  • codePH25944RL
For sale a low-energy, modernly and designer-designed villa in a quiet and green location on the first line by the lake, only 15 km from Velike Lašče and 45 minutes from Ljubljana. The house boasts high ceilings (2.75 - 4.75 m), selected materials and designer pieces (wall painted with gold and silver, American tapestry, internal elevator for 8 people, Arcadia lights, a total of 138 lights outside and inside the building, Italian sofa set Linea rose, coffee table Noguchi, armchair Divani, Abhika and Philippe Starck decorative elements, alarm and video surveillance, optical Internet connection, etc.). Top-class equipment is installed (custom equipment - Šenk carpentry, Internorm ALU 3-layer panoramic windows, floor heating ...
  • size m²369.00
  • land size m²1,103.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor
  • built1998
  • renovated2014
  • codePH15475EC
Only at Stoja! We are selling an exclusive house with a fantastic view in a location that offers urban life connected to nature. The LPP station is in the immediate vicinity and access to the highway is 200 m away. The house has large living areas, which are not common for Slovenian homes. Layout of the house in three floors: - ground floor; large living room with fireplace, dining room, open kitchen with pantry, work cabinet, utility room, and toilet. - first floor; 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and dressing room, - basement; it is possible to park up to 6 cars (two cars in a closed garage), while the garage has been converted into a space for entertainment and recreation, in addition there is a wine cellar, 2 storage ...
  • size m²358.00
  • land size m²858.00
  • floorground floor + first floor + attic
  • built2019
  • codePH19464JD
On Strmica we sell new construction; house of 358 m2, standing on a plot of 858 m2. It is well built; standing on a basic floating board, it has three floors. The windows are three-layer wooden protected with aluminum, the roof is brick Creaton, the fence is paved with rocks. The house has a building permit and is still under construction; no burden - Zk is clean, lies in a wonderful panoramic location - stay in the embrace of nature. It is also possible to produce two separate dwellings. You are welcome to view and purchase. Terms of purchase; the owner requires the buyer to pay a 2% VAT tax on real estate sales.
  • size m²356.60
  • land size m²626.00
  • floorground floor + first floor + second floor
  • built1996
  • codePH13920EC
We are selling a large luxurious house in a beautiful sunny location with a view of Ljubljana, but all close to the city infrastructure. The house also has a very nice garden with pool and is located right next to the forest border. Video from the house: The house was built for personal use and top quality materials were used, which is still noticeable today after a few years of use. From the attached house plan you can see the layout of the rooms: high ground floor, has a very large living room with living room with fireplace and exit to the garden, dining room, separate kitchen, and a large bright and open staircase with a gallery. On the same floor are another 30 m2 room and bathroom, ...
  • size m²354.00
  • land size m²561.00
  • floorbasement + ground floor + first floor + attic
  • built1978
  • codePH25057EC
We are selling an older, well-maintained house in a very nice, urban location. Near the house there is a kindergarten, a school, sports and recreational areas, a pharmacy, a shop, a bus station, and at the same time it has an impressive view of the surrounding hills. With a mezzanine design, the house allows for a luxurious single-family stay with large windows and beautiful views or, with a few interventions, two-family use. In the construction permit, a small part of the house (15m2) is also registered for business activity. The house is maintained, has a newer kitchen and is livable, but needs some maintenance work. You are invited to visit. Seller\'s condition for concluding a transaction: The buyer pays real ...
  • size m²344.00
  • land size m²1,777.00
  • floorground floor + attic
  • built1987
  • renovated2019
  • codePH25676EC
Description of the house: We are selling a larger, two-story, well-maintained house with a large intimate plot. From the living room (west side of the house) you step into the garden and where you see a pleasant summer kitchen with a space for socializing. In the large, asphalted yard of the house (east side of the house), children can play safely or you can park a large number of cars. Location: The house is located near the LPP station and with quick access to Šiška or Bežigrad. Size: The net area of ??the main house is 344 m2, and the gross area is 410 m2, next to it is an auxiliary building, which has a gross area of ??147.11 m2. Layout: Most of the areas are located on the ground floor and first floor of the ...

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