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  • size m²1,179.00
  • land size m²423.00
  • built2006
  • codePZ15902JD
We sell building plot. Possibility of building one or two houses. All connections are nearby. Great opportunity; available immediately, invited to view and purchase. The plot is just below the corner.
  • size m²2,302.00
  • codePZ19219JD
In Tomišelj we sell a nice flat and sunny plot. The owners have already obtained a building permit to build a three-story family home. The construction is classic without pilots - no bogs. All connections are in the immediate vicinity of approx. 12 meters, including sewage. The building plot measures 184 m2, while the rest of the 2118 m2 plot is non-buildable - the best agricultural land. It is located on the paved road, the start of construction is possible immediately after purchase. The project is ready for a house size of approximately 189 m2.
  • size m²1,050.00
  • codePZ18753ND
In the luxurious settlement Brezovec, on the golf course Smlednik we sell a plot of land of 1,245 m2. It is located in the embrace of nature, in a settled settlement of individual houses, and a wonderful view of Šmarna gora, surrounding forests and hills. The land is intended for the construction of a spacious detached house, the plot is communal equipped. The entrance to the village is protected by a barrier, the road is asphalted, covered with sidewalks and public lighting. YOU ARE NOT FORWARDING EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUILDING LANDS IN A TOP LOCATION WHICH ARE FULFILLING THE COMFORTABLE COMFORT. You are invited to visit.
  • size m²965.00
  • codePZ19179RL
We sell a landscaped plot with an older building, which needs demolition in an accessible location between Brezovica and Log-Dragomer. The plot covers a total of 965 m2 (540 m2 of building land and 425 m2 of forest). The school is located approx. 850 m from the plot and it is accessible on foot, whereby the main road can be overlooked. The suburban bus, which runs every 20 minutes, is only 600m away, and the plot boasts a E-S-W position. According to location information, it is possible to build one or two-apartment house with floors cellar + ground floor + first floor + attic and with 40% possibility of building. On the plot there is the possibility of optics, water, electricity, whereby the preparation of a biological septic tank is required. It is also possible to share or possibly buy neighbouring forest land in approx. size 400 m2. All the access servitudes are arranged, available ...
  • size m²458.00
  • codePZ19132JD
In Vrhnika we sell a nice plot with the obtained building permit and all connections on the plot (water electricity); the sewage connection is next to the plot. The project is ready for the installation of a prefabricated house Lumar of 120 m2; the budget for the house is about 120,000 euros. All licenses and connections are worth about 40,000 euros. Construction is possible immediately. You are invited to visit!
  • size m²8,000.00
  • codePZ14764NMR
For sale, large building land, nearby Štepanjsko naselje, approx. 8000 m2 on a beautiful location. Municipal detailed site plan (OPPN) to bulid 12 detached houses has already been made.
  • size m²3,264.00
  • codePZ19115EC
We sell building land with a completed project and a final building permit with the possibility of starting construction no later than two months after the purchase of the parcel. The project envisages 22 apartments, 1 business space, 53 parking spaces. Garage: 20 parking places (of which 1 for disabled persons) Covered parking lots on the ground floor: 14 Exterior parking lots on the ground floor: 19 In other numbers, the projected facility has a gross floor area of 3.360 m2 and 2.851 m2 of net floor area. The sales price already includes 22% of VAT, which means that the net price is EUR 1,330,000. From the pictures you can see the utility equipment, and the nearby infra-structure for additional information call us.
  • size m²2,259.00
  • codePZ18984JD
On Vransko, on an excellent sunny location, we sell a plot of land. Access edited; on the plot there is a connection for a hot water line; water electricity nearby. There are currently two economic objects on the plot. You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²1,098.00
  • codePZ18948JD
In the village above Lukovica, we sell completely built-up land. It is a plot in the slope to which the paved path leads. On the plot there is plumbing and electricity connection; there is a building bar. Owners have already obtained a building permit to build a holiday house, but the permit has already fallen. However, contributions for construction have been paid. The plot features a south-facing location and a beautiful view of Ljubljana, peace and tranquility. You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²4,587.00
  • codePZ18909EC
We sell building land in BTC. The area is intended for technology parks, production activities with industrial buildings in warehouses and the changing of buildings for service activities. Permitted construction: The ground floor or multi-storey building of large ranges, such as production and sports halls, shopping malls, parks, fairgrounds in zabavišnih (hall, hall), infrastructure facilities in similar facilities Next to the plot is the planned construction of new roads. The permissible height of the building is on the south side up to 20 m2 on the north side (where a new road is planned) up to 40m. The building factor is max. 60%, the minimum green area is 15%. Near the parcel there is a transmission network of the electric power of the rated voltage of 110 kV, and the distribution network of the electric power of the nominal voltage of 20 kV in 10 kV. The primary sewerage ...
  • size m²3,600.00
  • built1955
  • renovated2015
  • codePZ18873UT
For sale an industrial plot of land at Dol pri Ljubljani, with its own access to the road and with all connections, the possibility of building G + 1. The land consists of two plots together measuring 3600m2. The house, which is located on one plot (80m2), was built in 1955 and renovated 5 years ago (insulation, electricity, plumbing, equipment). currently the septic tank is used, but it is also possible to connect to the sewage system. Please call or email for more information! Invited to view!
  • size m²570.00
  • built1
  • codePZ18788JD
In the center of Radomlje we sell a beautiful, sunny and flat, building plot; possible construction of a detached house or twin. All connections are nearby. The access path is arranged. All infrastructure is nearby; school, shops, bus, motorway 4 km .... You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²800.00
  • codePZ18841JD
On Dren\'s hill, on a very peaceful and sunny location, we sell 800 m2 or more of land suitable for the construction of one or two houses. The surface is measured according to your wishes, the plot is slightly inclined, the access is flat and paved, only the last 30 meters is without asphalt. The location is sunny, all the connections are in the vicinity of the sewage system, which is a non-treatment plant.
  • size m²3,000.00
  • codePZ18820JD
We sell a building plot on Ig in Ljubljana. The plot is completely flat and currently as a meadow; on a sunny location. Possible building of house or business facilities. The plot has to be doused approx. 50 cm as there are two streams in the vicinity that occasionally flood. Good location in the center of Iga! You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²3,156.00
  • codePZ18803JD
Investors pay attention; on Rudnik we sell building land for the construction of terraced houses. Access edited; possible purchase of larger land from other owners. You are invited to visit and purchase!
  • size m²20,000.00
  • codePZ18801NMR
Land in an urban settlement, with an extremely small distance from the motorway connection, which makes the traffic connection with the motorway cross very good. Access to land is easy and possible from two sides (South and North side). The land has a built-in building plan, which currently provides for commercial housing construction. The land is partially built, the existing facilities are planned for demolition. The land is very well visible and recognizable due to the dominant position. Possibility of building 18 objects, ground floor plus 2floors (3). The land is free of all burdens and is entered in the land register, because of the above, it is possible to buy immediately. The seller makes a payment of a mediation fee of 4% plus VAT in such a way that the buyer pays half of the said obligation, i.e. 2% plus VAT from the contractually agreed price.
  • size m²792.17
  • codePZ18710ZD
We sell three land plots with acquired building permit and paid communal contribution in sizes (792.17m2, 843.31m2 and 1.135,65m2). The plots are located on a vibrant terrain above the city center of Rogaška Slatina. They are surrounded by green areas on the northern side, they touch the forest edge on the other side they are on bordering on the edge of the residential houses. Offering beautiful views of the surrounding wine growing hills. On the slopes, the design provides 3 houses with a view on Rogaška Slatina. The terrain is varied, so each house is different and placed so that it offers beautiful views from the living areas to the slopes on the other side of the valley. All dwellings are on two floors next to the house, there is also a garage. There are two types of houses - type A and B, adapted according to the terrain. HOUSE TYPE A1: Building plot 1: 792,17m2, gross area of new ...
  • size m²1,245.00
  • codePZ18752ND
In the luxurious settlement Brezovec, on the golf course Smlednik we sell a plot of land of 1,245 m2. It is located in the embrace of nature, in a settled settlement of individual houses, and a wonderful view of Šmarna gora, surrounding forests and hills. The land is intended for the construction of a spacious detached house, the plot is communal equipped. The entrance to the village is protected by a barrier, the road is asphalted, covered with sidewalks and public lighting. YOU ARE NOT FORWARDING EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUILDING LANDS IN A TOP LOCATION WHICH ARE FULFILLING THE COMFORTABLE COMFORT. You are invited to visit.
  • size m²937.00
  • codePZ18702JD
We sell an excellent plot for the construction of one or two houses under the Homec hill. Access is regulated. The plot lies on a sunny side in a quiet and well-kept area without farms; There is also no main road in the vicinity. You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²2,081.00
  • built1973
  • renovated2011
  • codePZ18602UT
For sale a very interesting building plot in a great location with access to the main road and with all connections. In this area there is a 40% possibility of building (approx. 830m2) with a construction in height of 11m, height of three floors. It is located on the regulated area of ??the city with excellent access to the AC connection, it is oriented to South-West, and with all the infrastructure in the immediate vicinity. There is a restaurant and a big warehouse on the plot. For more information please give us a call!
  • size m²755.00
  • codePZ18500JD
In the center of Škofljica near Lekarna and the final bus station in a great location, we sell a building plot. Suitable for building business or residential buildings. Location information is subscribed. You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²210,489.00
  • codePZ18459JD
On Vransko we sell the Grunt estate, which covers 210,489 m2. The estate also includes two parcels with a valid building permit issued for the construction of two wooden houses. There are plenty of plots in place. The rest are forests and meadows. Otherwise, on the estate there are 5 facilities of which 1 are a mobile home; the rest are commercial buildings of newer production. It is fenced, divorced and has its own source of water. The central part is arranged and suitable for living, tourism or agriculture. The seller makes the conclusion of the sale conditional upon the division of payment of the sales mediation fee in the amount of 4% plus VAT in a way that the buyer pays 1 (half) of the said obligation, i.e. 2% of the final agreed selling price plus 22% VAT.
  • size m²670.00
  • codePZ18419JD
A great opportunity. We are selling building plots for building houses on three floors. Parcels are sold at an extremely favorable price of 109,50 € / m2. The plots are of different sizes from 497 to 670 m2. It is planned to build three different types of houses according to the size of the plot. On the plot there are water, electricity and internet connections. Access by asphalt road. Due to the compensation in the establishment of the infrastructure, the payment of a municipal contribution to the house is only about 2000 to 3000 €. Available immediately. You are invited to visit and purchase.
  • size m²655.00
  • land size m²655.00
  • built1913
  • renovated1966
  • codePZ18378RL
We sell an old town villa on the exceptional location with a flat plot of rectangular shape and a carport for two cars. The house is located in the immediate vicinity of the entire infrastructure and comprises semi-cellar, high ground floor and 1st floor. In the semi-basement there is a separate 3-room apartment (approx. 68 m2) with exit to the garden, 2x storage room, pantry and passage to the garage. The elevated ground floor comprises a 3-room apartment (approx. 85 m2), which has a direct exit to the large terrace from the dining room. On the first floor there is a 2-room apartment (approx. 50 m2), which can be enlarged at the expense of an unfinished attic, which also has an additional approx. 60 m2 in standing height. All three apartments are interconnected by an internal staircase, although completely separate entrances can be easily made. The house requires renovation, ...
  • size m²26,297.00
  • built1848
  • codePZ18348JD
For sale a land with forest and pond (usable permit for a fish farm) in the size of 26 297m2. On the plot there is an old house and an economic building, where alternative construction is allowed. In the house there is an electrical connection and an optical cable, the water is only 100 m away, and all the infrastructure (kindergarten, primary school) is 700 m away. Suitable for arranging picnic space or a fish farm. You are invited to visit.The seller\'s condition for the sales agreement is that the real estate agent\'s commission of 4 % plus VAT is divided so that the buyer pays 1 (one half) of the stated commission, i.e. 2 % of the final agreed sales price plus 22 % VAT.

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