Where to seek real-estate information?

A beginners guide

24th May 2018

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Ok so you are buying your first real estate, or you want to invest in some apartments. No matter what is your goal in the world of real estate, you will always need useful information, so you don't buy a pig in a poke or invest in a financial hole.


So where to seek quality information? Are there any reliable sources out there which you can trust? We put together a few suggestions that will help in your real estate endeavors.



1. Trust the online community


They are usually brutally honest. The anonymity of social media and forums bring out the worst in people. So much hate that is spread out through various channels like FB, Instagram Twitter, and other digital channels is rarely seen anywhere else. But there is one positive side to this, Social media offer (if you can filter out all the hate) a reliable source of information.

Now and then a comment or a post is made, that is extremely helpful. Especially if you look at business profiles of companies where you can find different opinions and information about product and services.

Once more you must filter out the hate comments and look at the posts that are supported by facts. They are accommodating and educational. Also, you can ask the author of the commentary for further explanation, therefore giving you additional information.



2. Read real estate blogs


In the era of the internet, you can share your knowledge and everything you know on the web via blogs and vlogs. And some of them are very educational and full of tips and valuable information. So why not use them to make your decision easier.

Just open Google and type 10 best real estate blogs. You will get hundreds of hits, and if you just read 1% of them, you will get tons of information and pointers for your investments.

Similar to blogging is vlogging. And youtube is full vlogs. There you can find experts in the field of real estate and other financial investments. Just remember that not everyone who is vlogging is an expert. So make sure that you recognize those who can provide you with real information.



3. Read, read, read


The final source of information on real estate (and other things) you can find in books. Find top influencers and leaders in the field of real estate and read all of their books. You don't need to go to the expensive seminars and events. Just visit Amazon, buy a book and read. Most information provided in different workshops is from the books. There is even a saying that every good businessperson reads at least one book per week. So why are you any different?

So here you go. Three tips on how to find useful information on real estate. If you implement all three and include some common sense, you will win. Not only in the field of real estate but also in the game of life.



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