The line between technology and human

Introductory speech Zoran Đukić

14th April 2020

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We live in a world where technology is an integral part of our everyday. Not only we practically live our days from start to end with our phone in our hands. Technology has infiltrated every single aspect of our lives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already imprinted an essential influence on urban landscapes, the way we see and conceptualise cities, lifestyle and even architecture. We see many modern architectural creations that basically lean on technology and make it a core of their functionality. Where does it all lead? What part does technology and especially artificial intelligence play in this merry-go-round called life?

In the modern world we have experienced first-hand how AI took over several aspects of our lives. Smart homes allow us to manage practically everything from the palm of our hand with easy voice commands. Smart cars are able to drive around without human drivers, solely based on technology. We have even seen AI penetrate the world of the arts! So it is just a matter of time before it takes over wider urbanistic spaces. Are we going to see in the future AI planning our houses, city landscapes and even optimize urban infrastructure? It is not that insane to believe that AI will help us understand our needs and convert them into proper real estate plans. It is all there – in our Google search history, Facebook connections, Instagram likes and other social interactions. All it takes is a proper algorithm to convert our digital footprint into the perfect home.



To some it may sound perfect, but of course there is another side to this story. It is called personal touch. In this world, where technology took the lead, where do we find personality,

individuality and most important the freedom of choice? The real challenge of modern living is to find the limit where we say stop to AI and computerized choices and start expressing our own self. Introduce details in our lives and make choices beyond our digital super connected persona. To make our world personal and intimate, catered to us. So, in a way, detail becomes differentiation, the touchpoint where we detach from a world of technology powered uniformity. Although AI creates the template of a perfect personal world, catered to our needs and preferences, there is still (and there will always be) room for personal choice. It is embedded in our own vision of living space, the inspiration we bring to our home and details, however eclectic or functional they are, that make it our own. Yes, I am pro smart technologies that make our life easier and help us build better solutions, but still detached in a way to not get completely sucked into this digitally led spiral.

I started this train of thought about the radical implications of technology in our lives while walking around the streets of Ljubljana. So full of beauty and architectural landmarks. All the little details embedded in architectural masterpieces of Plečnik and other renowned architects give the city so much charm and character. Every single building tells its own story, has its own personality, which is much different from the world painted on our little bright screens. There was no digital footprint to retrieve from, no AI to optimize the benefits and structure, just pure and simple creativity and mastery. So different from the life we know today, but yet pure and perfect genius. That is why I wanted to bring a piece of my inspiration to you. In a world led by modern technology, design and digitally led lifestyle is important to step back and draw a line. A line between computer and human, a line that lets us live connected and optimized, but still preserving our own and whole human being.

Throughout this catalogue you will find some of the landmarks I drew my inspiration from. We added some interesting facts emphasizing the details of the masterpiece and how it fits the whole story. I sincerely hope you will find your inspiration too and apply it to your new home. And yes, there is plenty of inspiration for your new living spaces in the following pages too. I believe you will find the home you are looking for.

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