Interview Ljubljana Exclusive

21st July 2017

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Zoran Đukič is the founder and director of one of the biggest and most renowned real estate agencies in the country, and at the same time a true connoisseur of Ljubljana and Slovenia.


How long have you been living in Ljubljana?
Given that I was born in Ljubljana, I would say I've lived in Ljubljana my entire life.

Which is yourfavourite part of the city?
I like the city center best, with its gorgeous little streets and river banks, with a vibrant throb of cafés, restaurants and small shops, with its friendly and delightful locals and modern tourists. My absolutefavourite is the Tivoli Park with Rožnik.

Where can you find best coffee?
I don't drink coffee regularly, but in the morning I get the best orange juice in the café Plato.

Your favourite restaurant and food?
It's hard to pick just one since there are several restaurants where I feel like home. I adore Pope's
picanha grilled over an open fire in As, Boštjan's oven-baked sea bass, and the lamb from Zlata Ribica. I also have to mention milk rice from Bistro EK and their baked pumpkin.

How would you describe Ljubljana to foreign friends?
If I had to describe Ljubljana in one word, I would say "magic". If they'd be willing to listen to me, however, I would admit to them that I'm head over heels in love with our "most beautiful city in the world". This beautiful and delightful city located in the very heart of Europe, surrounded by hills and forests, with a castle perched above the old town along the river Ljubljanica, and with the best and most beautiful people is simply one of a kind.

One day trip in Slovenia? Where to go?
I would begin with an aperitif on the terrace of the Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portorož, continue with a panoramic flight over Slovenia, visit Piran and have an oven-baked fish at Ivo's, make a stop in Postojna Cave along the way, and end the day in Ljubljana with a boat cruise on the river Ljubljanica. For the enduring, I would save Kras and Goriška Brda.

If you could, what would you change to improve in Ljubljana?
I believe our mayor and his team have already done a great job improving the quality of life. However, I still wish there were more bike lanes, and that the hours of salsa dancing in Plato would last longer, at least till 2
a.m. J (hahaha). And I would really like to jump into Ljubljanica from its Špica embankment one day and swim a few strokes.

Vision of Ljubljana in 100 years?
To turn Ljubljana into and maintain it as a cosmopolitan, modern, cultural, healthy and fun capital, and at the same time preserve its natural and cultural wealth and heritage and not miss the future technological and ecological developments.

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