5 tricks, how to improve your workspace

23rd March 2018

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5 tricks, how to improve your workspace


Business space is a place where we need to be focused and creative. Regardless of whether you are working for yourself, or for someone else, you have to be effective. If you are not EFFICIENT, you can easily stay without it, which can lead to all sort's of problems.


If there is a business area full of distractions, then it's hard to stay focused and efficient. That's why we have prepared for you 5 short tips that will change your office into CENTER OF EFFICIENCY.


1. Let there be light!


No one wants to work in the dark. We all love bright and open spaces. And your workplace must be just like that. Light fills you up with energy and you are instantly more productive. Additionally, the atmosphere is much better in the bright office in contrast with sitting in a dark room where you're sleepy all day, and your productivity is at zero.


2. Fit the height of the desk and chair


Maybe that sounds a bit unusual, but this is one of the primary reasons for poor productivity. If you sit in an uncomfortable office chair who causing you pain in the back, you'll never be focused and you will have to stand up every 10 minutes to stretch your legs. Not very productive right?


The other essential thing is the monitor. The distance of the monitor should be between 60-90 cm from your eyes, and the very top must be aligned with them. This way your neck will stay in the natural position and the pain in the neck will be gone. This simple trick will significantly raise your productivity and eliminate the pain that occurs as a result of unnatural postures.


3. The business area must be clean.


Where do you feel better? In messy and dirty room or in a room which is clean and organized? We believe that most people are feeling better in the second one. In fact, nobody likes to live in mess, and although we sometimes fail to clean up, sooner or later the mess starts to bother us.


The same thing applies to your workspace. Although we can ignore the mess for some time, sooner or later we will notice that the dirt is stealing more and more attention. So clean up the papers on the desk, pick up the trash on the floor and dust off your monitor. This way you will have a cleaner environment and efficiency will be bigger. It takes just 10 minutes of your time. You will be happier and more effective.


4. The temperature in the room


Did you know that the warmer rooms increase productivity? It's true if it's warm, we're more productive. Most of the premises have a temperature between 18-20 degrees. This is too cold and people are literally shaking at their workplace. So, if you don't have the access to the thermostat, bring a blanket or a sweater that will keep you warm. Your health and productivity will be grateful.


5. The smell and color of the room


Business space should emit positive vibes. With positive vibes, everything is better. The relationships are better, ideas are raining and overall efficiency is a lot better. We discussed many factors that have an effect on positive vibes, but nothing is more important than smell and colors of the room.


Flashy colors are not a good choice for an office space. They distract us and kill our productivity, while on the other hand, soft colors bring relaxation and peace. This helps with creativity and focus. And besides such a room is more pleasant to the eye, who is resting on the beautiful and soothing colors.


The smell is even more important. In order to have success, your workplace must »smell« like a SUCCESS! With certain aromas, you can boost productivity and build a perfect scent for a successful business.


We found some of the most powerful aromas for your workplace:


-CINNAMON (increases the focus)

-LAVENDER (relaxing and soothing)

-CITRUS (raises and enhances the atmosphere)

-Pine (increases attention)


By using the above-listed scents, your workplace will have the right »smell« of success and the results will automatically follow.

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